Anti Ragging

Anti Ragging


As per instruction, a Ragging Committee is formed with the below mentioned members. The Committee will monitor students and advise them to keep away from any kind of Ragging activity inside or outside of the Campus.

1. Chairman:
Dr. K. Shunmugasundaram, Principal

2. Faculty:

a) R.Kanagaraj, HOD, Department of IT and CT
b) MrShanth Gokul, HOD, Department of BCA
c) MrsJ.Golda, Physical Director
d) Dr. K.S.Jalajamani, HOD , Hindi Department
e) Mr, S. Saravanakumar, Asst Prof, Tamil Dept
f) MrS.Prince Immanuel, Asst Prof, Electronics
g) Mr.P.Ramachandran, Asst Prof, Bcom PA
h) Ms.R.Rathinam, Asst Prof, Tamil

3. Student Representatives:

1. Tamil selvan.R – I BCA
2. Kushal .L – I Bcom CA
3. Prabhu.K – II Bsc CS
4. Janarathinan.V – II Bsc Ecs
5. John Jayapal – III Bsc CT
6. Jeevanatham.A – III BCOM

4. Parent Representative : –

1. R.Ramaswamy
5. Thiru.Murugesan ,Inspector of Police ,B-14 Kuniamuthur Police Station, CBE

Punishment for Ragging

– Ragging is strictly banned throughout India
– The Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act No: 7 in force and hence Ragging is punishable under IPC
– Ragging by any means such as Teasing, Abusing, Playing torturing Jokes, Causing Physical and Mental disorders will be punishable under the following heads
– Cancellation of Admission
– Suspension from Attending Classes
– Withdrawing Scholarships
– Debarring from appearing any kind of exam throughout India
– With holding results
– Debarring from appearing from placement interviews
– Debarring from representing institutions in any national meet
– Debarring from admission to any other institutions including correspondence courses
– Fine upto Rs 50000 to 2,00,000
– Rigorous imprisonment upto 7 Years

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