VLBJ College of Arts and Science | Placement

VLBJ College of Arts and Science | Placement

Creating opportunities for all our students to embark on careers that
would suit their aptitudes and qualities.

Placement Head

Dr. B. Siva Kumar

Ms. T. Subha
Assistant Professor

Placement Officers

Ms. Porkodi
Assistant Professor

Mr. R. Karthikeyan
Assistant Professor

List of students placed year-wise

2016-2017 *1043
*Multiple Offers

Placement wing:

The Department of Placement has been enhancing the employment opportunities for the students. The activities of the department facilitate the students with industry interaction and placement. It aims to provide assistance in all possible ways in the course of graduates and post graduates who strive towards their aspired jobs. The headship of placement officers, the supportive efforts of faculty members of various department and the placement co-ordinators improve the students towards their placement, with Soft Skills and Aptitude Cell.

Soft Skills and Aptitude Cell:

A separate cell for teaching the students to become industry ready has initiated as the Department of Soft Skills and Aptitude. The main focus of it is to improvise the communicative and aptitude potential of students.

  • Assistance for best placement is assured through pre-placement talks, technical presentations, soft skill Trainings, group discussions, oral and written test, online test, with stringent assessment policies.
  • Career guidance and counselling enhance the capacity of students to approach their aims and career in a better way.
  • It efforts to guide the students for their placement opportunities. Interviews are arranged on and off campus with the National and Multi National companies and their visits are regular in the campus.
  • The best placement opportunities are ensured in the campus through the active ventures of the department of placement and soft skills.

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