The College has a dedicated office that looks after the physical infrastructure like classrooms, administrative buildings, laboratories, sports complexes and other physical assets including services like water supply, electric supply, and Transport facilities. The physical infrastructure maintenance is looked after by the Maintenance officer & Transport facilities are an administrator by Transport officer. The library follows certain protocols in the usage of books. The entry register is kept for both staff and students at the entrance of the library and they can use their identity card to take books from the library. Students can take books only after returning the previously borrowed books. At the end of every semester, all borrowed books must be returned to the library. The teacher's book-entry is maintained in a separate register.

The lab facilities are open to all the students for academic purposes. The students must enter their names in the logbook before entering the lab on time. The students are divided into batches so that the components or computers can be given equally for the use of students. Computer and electronic labs are monitored by the System administrator & Lab assistants throughout the day. Computer & IT infrastructure maintains Stock Register in order to keep account of the non-functional equipment and infrastructure like computers, printers, etc. The students must maintain a lab manual and record the experiments and programs that they do in the lab. The computers and the components in the electronic lab are replenished and upgraded every year to provide a complete experience to the students.

The Institution has an efficient housekeeping system consisting of gardeners, sweepers, and scavengers. The entire system is monitored by supervisors. Planting of seasonal trees and maintenance of lawns are carried out regularly in the premises. Construction, repair, and maintenance of the main building and physical infrastructures like water, power supply, and gas is looked after by the Supervisor. All minor problems are identified and repaired by hired technicians, carpenters, and other workers. The college has a generator system for uninterrupted power supply. Wide Area Network (WAN), Intercom, etc. are renewed regularly to ensure its good service. The College conducts periodic checkups to ensure the efficiency/working condition of the infrastructure and cleanliness. Sports complex plays a pivotal role in Physical Directors training the students who have enrolled themselves during their first year of study. Adequate non-teaching staff members are employed meticulously to maintain sanitation and infrastructure, inclusive of Classrooms, Staffrooms, Seminar halls and Laboratories on the campus. Washrooms and restrooms, dustbins are cleaned at regular intervals. Periodic reporting on requirements of repairs and maintenance are submitted by the HODs to the Administrative Officer. The requirements are collectively processed in every semester. The College has facilities of the Bio-metric System to monitor the arrival and departure of faculty members and sub-staff. The VLBJCAS’s campus sets a holistic backdrop to a student’s campus life and memories. The campus itself is spread around 10.15 acres with almost 3, 00,000 square feet of academic buildings and administrative spaces, complete learning laboratories with classrooms offering total access to the web and other resources.

Computer Labs:
  • State of the art computer lab, with IBM & DELL servers and 600 workstations in the latest configuration of multi-operating systems in campus
  • 8 computer labs with access to the latest RDBMS, GUI‘s, DTP and multimedia software, HP Scanner
  • Overhead & slide projectors facilities in all classrooms for the purpose of teaching
Electronics Lab:
  • Different kinds of equipment such as devices and ICS.
  • Power electronic converters, DC and AC drives, digital integrated kits, power supplies, microprocessors, and microcontroller kits enhance the standard of laboratory learning.
Catering Science and Hotel Management Lab:
  • Basic and advanced training kitchen.
  • Fully air-conditioned lab, restaurant facilities with the latest stove.
  • Model guest room and housekeeping lab designed in hotel standards.
  • Bakery and confectionery lab.
  • Front office lobby designed in hotel standards.
Language Lab:
  • Well-equipped language lab with the latest software on Communicative English.
  • Multimedia facility.
  • 50 computer systems with headphones and CDs.
  • E-CLASS software is installed with special exercises of audio-video CDs on LSRW skills.
Visual Communication Lab:
  • Video production and post production facility.
  • Audio mixing equipment.
  • Advertising, DTP & graphic designing facilities.
  • Studio with audiovisual technology.
  • Production floor with the latest camera technology.
CDF Lab:

The lab is facilitated with the modern and advanced technology of the following:

  • Drafting machines.
  • Power operator’s industrial machines.
  • Fashion maker.
Smart Classes & ICT Classes:
  • Smart Classrooms are technology-enhanced classrooms that foster opportunities for teaching and learning by integrating learning technology.
  • Smart classroom technology and interactive whiteboards, information can be illustrated with the help of photos, maps, graphs, flowcharts, and animated videos.
  • This makes learning more attractive, interesting and easy to understand.
  • It encourages the ability of students to learn and memorize the topic for a prolonged period of time.
WiFi Facilities
  • VLBJCAS entered the era of E-revolution by making the entire campus Wi-Fi enabled.
  • The Internet connection is distributed across the college through Wi-Fi networks.
  • The coverage of Wi-Fi is not restricted to classrooms and it extends to all areas including library, conference halls, cafeteria, and hostels. Eventually, it enables VLBLCAS to switch over to innovative and modern teaching and learning methodologies.
  • The Wi-Fi system has been functioning with connectivity provided by BSNL.
  • As Wi-Fi security is an area of concern, the internet is secured with the firewall and web access is monitored by the Squid Server.
  • The elevator facilitates easy and quick movement through the different floors of the college.
  • The facility is available in every block and can be availed by both staff members as well as differently-abled students.
  • A lift operator is present at all times to enable the safe movement of stakeholders up and down the college.
  • VLBJCAS has a ramp to aid people who are orthopedically challenged just near the main entrance.
  • Students with disabilities or who are differently-abled are entitled to access to all schemes, facilities, and services in the college without discrimination.
Wheel Chair:
  • Wheelchair facilities are available for handicapped students and the ramp facilitates their easy commutation.
Restroom For physically Challenged:
  • VLBJCAS has separate toilets are available for people with disabilities.
  • They are clearly identifiable and accessible.
  • The doors are wide enough and lockable from inside and releasable from outside.
  • There is enough maneuvering space inside. All floor surfaces are slip-resistant. Mirrors, flushing arrangements, dispensers mounted at appropriate heights.
E Content Development Facilities