The purpose of the Research Policy is to create a vibrant atmosphere of research and motivate Faculty Members and Research Scholars. The policy shall serve as an overall framework within which research activities can be carried out.

Undertaking Research

Faculty Members and Research Scholars of VLBJCAS are expected to undertake research, leading to quality research publications, paper presentations in National and International conferences of repute, to provide an outcome useful to society and other similar research activity.

Recruitment and Promotion

VLBJCAS shall recruit faculty members and researchers who have demonstrable/demonstrated capability in research. Faculty promotion may significantly depend on the research undertaken. The quality of research output, especially research publications, may be assessed on the established yardsticks such as Scopus, SCI Indexed / High Impact Factor (IF) and which will be revised from time-to-time with appropriateness.

Research Management

Overall management of research activities may be coordinated by the Research Coordinator, Centre of Research (CoR) of VLBJCAS under direct supervision of The Principal. CoR Members shall be responsible for overall functioning of research activities.

Research Ethics

Researchers shall strive for honesty in all scientific communications. They shall honestly report data, results, methods and procedures, and publication status. Fabricated, Falsified and misrepresented data must be avoided. During the period of research, scholars must not deceive colleagues, research sponsors, or the public.

Research articles to be published are expected to be Plagiarism free (< 5% permitted).The authors are advised to check for Plagiarism with the aid of free online Plagiarism checker, and to get no objection from the CoR Coordinator and the Principal.

Research Incentives

The management provides incentives to the teachers after completion of the Ph.D programmes. The management also provides incentives to teachers for their publications in reputed Journals. Travelling allowance is also provided to faculty members who attended research related programmes outside India. The management facilitates official on-duty for the researchers in connections with research projects and presentations. The Seed Money is allocated for various funding project proposals, internal project proposals and FDP.

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