VLBJCAS is committed towards providing a conducive academic environment by creating competent, self-reliant and socially responsible professionals to meet the emerging needs of the industry and society with the continual improvement of teaching standards and infrastructure.

  • To impart relevant knowledge with due emphasis on learner-centered processes
  • Priority to value-based education
  • To develop job-oriented and administrative skills
  • To preserve ethical codes and our national cultural heritage
  • Enhances the quality improvements in the academic process and exercises the pre-accreditation process.
  • Develops the system for conscious and consistent improvements in the overall performance of the institution at all levels.
  • Develops quality parameters for the activities of the college.
  • Creates a student-centric teaching-learning environment for ensuring quality
  • Solicits and implements the feedback/suggestions from stake holders on quality-related issues.
  • Creates quality consciousness among students and teachers.
  • Documents the steps for quality enhancement.
  • Maintains the institutional database.
  • Prepares Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) for NAAC to be submitted at the end of each academic year.
  • Ensures the quality of academic programmes.
  • Integrates the modern methods of teaching and monitors the effect on the students’ performance.