Vision, Mission and Quality Policy


Accomplishing excellence in academic and holistic development by fostering values and commitments.


·   To inculcate knowledge and empower the younger generation,

·    To provide a rigorous education in principles of arts, commerce and science education and to provide broad knowledge of the fundamentals,

·    To Equip students with transferable skills — critical thinking, communication and complex problem solving skills — that are needed to adapt and succeed  in a rapidly evolving world,

·    To develop skills that will enable Graduates to become leaders in and make significant contributions to their chosen profession and to the social   environment in which it functions, and

·    To instill in our Graduates the highest ethical standards and sense of professionalism, cultivating curiosity in the arts, sciences and humanities and   providing the background and encouragement necessary to support lifelong learning.


We, at VLBJCAS are committed to achieving excellence through

·  Developing and successfully applying innovative teaching methods and quality benchmarks to enrich creative learning experience,

·   Developing a learner-centric environment and impart quality education,

·   Enhancing the competency of the faculty members to develop both teaching and research skills,

·   Contributing to the social welfare in the neighborhood through social and community services,

·   Contributing to the nation and beyond, through the state-of-the-art technology, by producing vibrant technocrats and excellent managers who are ever willing to rise to the spirit of challenge and innovation with high ethical and professional standards, and

·   Encouraging participation of all stakeholders in the developmental process of the college.

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